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Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Student Lockers
  1. Lockers are allocated to students for storing books, notes, stationery and related academic materials for the convenience of their study.  Storage of any items that would cause or likely to cause safety risk, physical danger or nuisance to the environment or other members of the University are prohibited, e.g. explosives, pets, etc.  It is also not advisable to store valuable items such as computers, cameras and mobile phones etc. inside the lockers.  The University will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any items stored inside the lockers.  Students must take full responsibility for the items stored in their lockers.
  2. Each student including full-time/part-time UG, PG and exchange-in student is eligible to apply for one locker.
  3. Students who have been successfully allocated a locker should bring a padlock of the approved type to the Student Support & Activities (SSA) Counter, then locate and take possession of the locker as soon as possible. If the allocated locker is found to be occupied by someone else, student should report immediately to the SSA Counter at LG3 via Lift 6 of Indoor Sports Complex. In case you need assistance to cut a padlock, an administration fee of $80 will be charged for the service contractor to open the locker.
  4. Students will have to provide their own padlocks of approved standard.  Only high quality steel-padlocks with closed shackle; or a padlock with a short stem and a base of 35-40 mm wide and a recommended brand: ASSA, ABLOY, TRI- CIRCLE, YALE, BELLHORN are approved for use on the student lockers.  Number padlock, key retaining padlock and other unsafe padlocks will not be accepted. The locker will be ready for use after 3 working days upon submitting of the padlock to LG3 SSA Counter.
  5. Lockers cannot be transferred or changed. In case of any problem, please contact SSA Counter.
  6. Unauthorized use of locker is not permitted. Application must be made online in advance and approved before use of any locker.  A locker found to be illegally occupied by a student will be opened by DSTO. An administration fee of $130 will be levied against the student.
  7. The lockers are the property of the University.  Students are not allowed to make any alteration to the lockers.
  8. Locker users should not put any labels and posters on the locker, and should keep the interior and exterior of the locker clean.  Students must report any damage or defects of their lockers to SSA Counter as soon as possible.  DSTO reserves the right to charge the students any expenses incurred for repair of the lockers under their use.
  9. Students who withdraw from their study must clear the lockers and inform SSA Counter as soon as possible.  DSTO will remove all unattended belongings for disposal.  DSTO will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to property removed and disposed of.
  10. When the use of lockers is due to expire, students will be notified by an email from DSTO.  Students must evacuate their belongings from the lockers and remove the padlocks on or before the expiry date as specified in the notification.  After this date, a charge of $80 would be levied and all unattended belongings would be removed and disposed at the discretion of DSTO.  The University will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to items so found and/or disposed of.
  11. If a locker is found open, DSTO will lock it up with an DSTO padlock.  The locker user should contact SSA Counter at LG3.
  12. DSTO reserves the right to, without notifying the user in advance, open any locker in case of emergency or any violation of the above regulations.  In normal circumstances, DSTO staff will open a locker in the presence of an authorized officer of the University.
  13. Any violation of these regulations by the students may result in termination of use of the locker facility.