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Mentorship Scheme for Leaders of Student Organizations
The Mentorship Scheme for Leaders of Student Organizations aims to enhance leadership of student mentors (former excos) and mentees (excos in service) to better their services to the university community. Former excos or group leaders will be recruited as mentors of the society or group they previously served.

Responsibility of Mentors
Our mentors will receive relevant training in coaching, empathy building, problem-solving, and negotiation, etc. to be better equipped for the scheme.
Mentors will share their exco experience, build bonding, give proper advice, and offer peer support to their mentees (excos in service). Mentors should meet regularly with the mentees, initiate suitable activities for them, and offer advice on various aspects, such as team management, organizing activities, society daily operations, etc.
Mentors need to maintain communication with DSTO advisors and report their progress and challenges during the mentoring period.

Mentors will be granted access to LG5 Co-Working Space and Workshop during the mentoring period to facilitate their communications and meetings with mentees.
Certificate of recognition will be presented to mentors who have satisfactory performance.
Mentors will be given priority to participate leadership activities organized by DSTO-SSA, such as exchange tour, leadership camp; or will be nominated to DSTO-SSA selected external leadership programs.

Program Duration
The scheme is a year-long program, mentors are expected provide support to mentees (excos in service) for at least 1 year (2 full regular terms). Mentors are welcome to extend their term of service according to their availabilities.

Program Composition
The Mentorship Scheme involves the following THREE major components:

With relevant training, mentors will gain knowledge on how to empower and coach others while advancing their own leadership skills. They can also apply for learning subsidy to enroll in other training that are appropriate and helpful for their mentoring or leadership skill development.

Mentees will also develop their leadership and team management skills with the support of their mentors. Peer mentoring will enhance the operation of the societies or groups they are serving and increase the effectiveness of the activities they conduct.

Former or current outgoing excos of recognized student groups, including Department-Associated Groups (DAGs), Students’ Union, and its affiliated societies, are eligible to apply as mentors for the group they previously served.

The scheme is calling for applications now.  Poster  |  Application Form

Deadline: March 20, 2024.