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Student Organizations
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Student Organizations
Active participation in campus life is an important component of university education. You are encouraged to join or even form your own student organizations and participate in activities for enjoyment and personal development.
You can also participate in the governance of the University through various means, from serving as members on University Committees to conveying student's opinions and suggestions to staff members in a formal or informal manner.
Students' Union, Student Societies and Groups

The Students' Union is an unincorporated association formed by HKUST students who choose to register as its members.  SU is entirely separate and independent from the University, its position, views or actions therefore do not represent that of the University. All undergraduate and postgraduate students shall be eligible for Full Membership. All members of the University, other than students eligible for Full Membership, shall be eligible for Associate Membership.
There are over 100 student societies affiliated to the Students' Union that meet the diverse interests of students in sports, community service, arts and culture as well as academic affairs. Besides, around 20 student groups are formed and / or registered by a department / office for relevant objective.  For more information, please check the list of student societies / groups.