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Leadership Advancement Program for Student Organizations
The Leadership Advancement Program for Student Organizations (LAPSO) aims to prepare the student leaders from student societies or groups with the knowledge and skills for effective leadership within the student body and in organizing activities.
Through a diverse mix of training methodologies and experiential learning opportunities, the program wants to
  • Inspire students to explore outward and reflect inward, uncover their unique inner strength;
  • Encourage students to know more about their role and responsibilities in their organizations;
  • Promote diversity and inclusion,  strengthen students’ relationship with the HKUST community;
  • Broaden students’ perspectives and concern about global and local challenges.
Student Leaders will go through the following progressive path:

Through the program, the student leaders will develop transferable skills for their personal growth and be empowered to be effective leaders for their organization to handle challenges and better serve the university and the society at large.
New Exco Orientation (NEO)
Leadership Advancement Camp
Experiential Workshops / Visits
Student Leaders Learning Trip
Award Scheme 2023-24
Please contact the Student Support & Activities Team at email ssa@ust.hk.