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Student Organizations
At HKUST, there are more than 100 student organizations that cater to various interests of students, including sports, community service, arts and culture, and academic affairs. They organize activities all year round to welcome new students, social gatherings for members, competitions, festivals, performances, etc. Most of these student organizations are either affiliated with the HKUST Students' Union or associated with different departments/offices of the university.
SU-affiliated societies and DSTO-associated student groups can apply to the Student Support & Activities team for temporary storage space, a mailbox, a group email, access to shared work areas, and eligibility of booking various activity rooms, all subject to availability.

Students' Union, Student Societies
The Students' Union (SU) is a registered society under the Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151) and established by HKUST students who choose to become SU members. It operates independently from the University, and as such, any stances or initiatives undertaken by the SU are not indicative of the University's viewpoints or actions.
There are about 80 student societies affiliated to SU that meet the diverse interests of students.
Check HERE for the full list and their contacts.

Department-Associated Groups
The Department-associated Groups (DAGs) are created and supported by departments or offices within the university, and they have a specific objective or purpose that is relevant to the department's or office's area of focus.
Each DAG should have an advisor from the sponsoring department to provide guidance and oversee the group’s development. All activities organized by DAGs should obtain endorsement/approval from their sponsoring department. The department may also provide other support, like funding, venue booking, storage space, subject to availability.
Check HERE for the full list and their contacts.