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Student Organizations
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List of Student Societies
To enrich your campus life, do come and join as a member or even a leader of any of the academic or interest student societies.  Individual student societies can be reached by email or by post to their mail box in the following manner.
(Student Society's Name)
Mail Box No. (#)
LG5 Student Amenities (DSTO)
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Clear Water Bay
Students' Union
Art and Cultural Clubs
House Associations
Independent Clubs Association and Independent Clubs
School / Departmental Societies (School of Business and Management)
School / Departmental Societies (School of Engineering)
School / Departmental Societies (School of Science)
School / Departmental Societies (School of Humanities & Social Science)
School / Departmental Societies (Interdisciplinary Programs Office)
Sports Association and Sports Clubs