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Proven by research around the world, interacting with animals enhances our overall well-being and have positive influences on the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of our lives. The bond between dogs and humans is unique: we helped each other survive the harsh wilderness more than ten thousand years ago, and we continue to support each other to thrive in our hectic city life.

First launched in 2019, The Comfort Paws Program aims to bring joy and calmness to our community with our beloved pawed friends' companionship, and to educate our community about the caring of dogs. All dogs serving in our program are certified therapy dogs who have naturally friendly temperaments and are trained to provide affection and comfort to the people they meet.

The Comfort Paws Program is offered to all students in collaboration with DSTO, CMO and HSEO.

Program Objectives

  1. To enhance students’ psychological and social wellbeing through human-animal interaction.
  2. To raise community awareness on animal care, protection and welfare.
  3. To nurture students’ love for animals and train passionate students to host animal-assisted activities.

Intended Program Outcomes

  1. Students will feel relaxed and joyful after interacting with the therapy dogs.
  2. Students will gain knowledge of different animals' current living situations, learn how we can better care for and protect them, thereby promoting their welfare.
  3. Students will be able to reflect upon humanity's role and contribution to the animal world.


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