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Self-Leadership Program (Srping 2024)

In this Spring semester, there is an English session.

English session: 22, 29 Feb; 11, 18 Apr (Thu): 6:30-8pm, 7 Mar (Thu): 6:30-8:30pm

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Fees: The program is fully subsidized by the Dean of Students' Office (DSTO). If you cannot complete the program in full due to legitimate reasons supported by proof (illness or an exam conflict), DSTO reserves the right to charge you HK$600.

This is a HMAW1905-recognized program in the "Personal Enrichment & Community Service" category under the "Self-directed Experience" component of HMAW1905: Behavioral Foundations of University Education: Habits, Mindsets, and Wellness. You need to attend each workshop in full to get 1.5 hours per workshop.

Click here to register by 16 Feb 2024 (Fri).

Program Subsidy Scheme

Students can apply for Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen Students’ Holistic Development Scheme (“Scheme”) to receive a subsidy to participate in the Self-Leadership Program.

Participants of Self-Leadership Program can apply for the Scheme to receive a subsidy, if they attended all FIVE sessions of the Program, with priority given to Tertiary Student Finance Scheme (TSFS) government grant & loan recipients: 

 TSFS grant awarded  Subsidy amount
 >50% of grant  HK$1,200
 <=50% of grant    HK$600

To apply for the Scheme, please make a separate online application on or before 25 April 2024. Successful applicants will receive the subsidy upon satisfactory completion of the program.