Booking System
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Rules and Regulations
Important Notice
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Advance Booking
  • Booking must be made online at Facilities Booking System.
  • Booking will be accepted at or after 8:00 am one week (seven calendar days) before the date of booking.
  • For any one type of facility, a user can only make one booking per day unless otherwise specified.
  • Family members of HKUST staff have to be activated through the system by the staff before they can make a booking online.
  • Sports Facilities User Card holders have to be registered through the system before they can make a booking online. The registration may take ten working days to complete.
  • First time user are encouraged to read the FAQ or User Guide on the menu bar before they make a booking. 
On-the-day Booking
For Organized Competitions
Use of Weight Training Equipment in the Fitness Center
  • Courses and activities organized by the Dean of Students' Office will have priority in using the various sports facilities.
  • Facilities not taken up 10 minutes after scheduled time will be allocated to other users on first-come-first served basis.
  • Information related to types of booking not listed above are available at the Sports Counter and the Dean of Students' Office.