Cases/ Formal Complaint or Enquiry
Crime / Lost & Found
Typhoons or Rainstorms
In case of Emergency
In the event of an emergency, you should remain as calm as possible. Report the case and seek help when necessary. 

Important Phone Numbers
The HKUST Security Control Center (SCC) is manned 24 hours.
Report all campus emergency to the SCC at extension 2358-8999 or 2358-6565.
When reporting emergencies, please stay calm and give the following information:
  • Location of the accident/emergency
  • The nature and severity of the incident, e.g. how many persons are injured, how serious is the injury, extent of property damage, any chemical spilled, gas leakage etc.
  • Your name, location and contact phone number
For enquiry of security matter: 2358-6565
For enquiry of general safety matters: 2358-6512

Emergency Procedures
You are encouraged to read through the following procedures to prepare yourself for any unforeseen emergency situations so as to minimize personal injury and property damage.
Injury or Illness
Robbery, Theft or Attack
International SOS
Financial Assistance
Students may come across unforeseen financial emergencies and tragic events that may disrupt their studies.
If you are a local student with financial hardship due to sudden or catastrophic event, you may approach Scholarships and Financial Aid Office (SFAO) and apply for the University Financial Assistance (Tel: 2358 6663 or email ). Means-tested review and interview will be arranged on case-by-case basis.
If you are a non-local student with emergency needs, you may approach SFAO for advice, and if find suitable, you may be advised to apply for the means-tested University Financial Assistance for Non-local Students (Tel: 2358 6697 or email An interview will be arranged upon receiving the case.