Project Extraordinary
Project Extraordinary
Finding what you want to do in life beyond university is a process. This journey is rarely a straight line but full of messy turns and curves. It starts with exploring who you are and discerning what is meaningful to you. To reimagine possibilities for your path takes courage and experiences that help you turn aspirations into reality. 

Here you will find videos of alumni who have altered their paths in one way or another to live the story they want to tell. In each of their chosen arena, they bring their full selves - their experiences, their values and talents to their everyday work to make an impact. Every journey told is extraordinary on its own, for each showed how individuals lean into uncertainty to explore and discover their possibilities in the world.

Nick Chan

Nick is passsionate about cars and building new connections. He became a taxi driver to serve people by connecting his passion with a need in the world.

Magnum Chau

Magnum is interested in 3D software and graphic design. He became a 3D artist after overcoming his fear of the narrative of a starving artist and reached out for opportunities beyond regular pathways.

Cyril Lee

Cyril finds joy in building products that solve problems. He became a Product Designer by trekking forward despite doubt and fear.

Priscilla Lai

Priscilla is captivated by the theater. She became a theater maker, actress and a corporate trainer by choosing to say "yes" to what energizes her even if it meant making a brave leap of faith.

Hugo Ho

Hugo finds fulfillment in witnessing a young person's growth. He became a registered social worker, certified sex therapist and belly dancer by letting his interests guide him to his next goal, following his own pace, walking his own walk.

Joey Ng

Joey enjoys sharing the art of yoga with others. She became a yoga teacher in spite of a full-time career in public relations.

Hermia Lee · Jenny Wong · Chloe Lo

Hermia, Jenny and Chloe return as Student Counselors with a heart to create safe spaces for HKUST students to thrive and grow.