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ARTivity Program 2021-2022


To promote and foster creativity on campus, experiential learning workshops and student-led activities are designed to engage HKUST members in discovering their creative abilities, expressing themselves artistically and exploring what art can do for the environment and community.


1. Art X Sustainability

To promote a culture of art and sustainability on campus, we use on-campus plastic recycling technology to repurpose plastic waste into versatile materials for arts and design. A series of upcycled plastic to art workshops, lab experiments, campus clean-up activities and peer community art projects will be organized through effective collaborations among staff, students, alumni, and artist professionals.

2. Art for Creativity

We offer an array of experiential learning workshops, activities and student-led projects that provide an opportunity for students to explore their own creative ability and express themselves artistically.

Program participants of different workshops will have opportunities to create and exhibit their own artwork, participate in community art projects, and showcase their talent in musical events.

3. Art & Community

We offer volunteering opportunities with community group for HKUST students to facilitate art workshops and events for SEN children from low-income backgrounds, aiming to bring meaningful impact to the community. Participants will gain voluntary experiences and practical facilitation skills in working with staff, local SEN students, artist and professionals while making like-minded friends, boosting self-confidence, and developing social skills.

Upcoming workshop: Spread The Love! DIY Christmas Wreath Workshop
HKUST 30th Anniversary: Vote for Mosaic Design at the Atrium

ARTivity students-initiated project : Precious Plastic to Art 

A student-led project that combines art and sustainability to give a new life to used plastic.


In Fall 2020, students from Art Program (former name of ARTivity Program) initiated a project called Precious Plastic to Art, they propose to turn discarded plastics into Mosaic Art to arouse public awareness of upcycling at HKUST, foster creativity and community engagement and build an artistic campus for the whole HKUST community.


(1) A plastic recycling workspace is set up for collecting unwanted plastic as raw materials for making mosaic bricks.

(2) Students shred and mould plastic waste into hexagon mosaic bricks.

(3) Students work with staff, alumni, artist professionals to co-create community mosaic wall on campus.

Support this student project!

Join as a volunteer to support HKUST student-initiated project, we need your help and support in our campus clean-up events and lab work. Let’s convert plastic waste into mosaic artwork together!

Mission of this project: Collect unwanted plastic as raw art materials and co-create a mosaic wall on campus.

Volunteer roles & responsibilities*:
(1) join student-led campus clean-up events to collect plastic as artwork materials; and/or
(2) join student-led lab work to create mosaic bricks together.

Register as project volunteer: https://ust.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_86ukbfyKIsLkU9U

After registration, you may also receive*:

1.      Campus clean-up news and events;

2.      Mosaic bricks-making and lab work invitation;

3.      ART X SUSTAINABILITY workshops and events invitation; and

4.      Regular project updates.

*Please indicate your preference at the registration form.

**For any enquiries, please contact posvibes@ust.hk (Michelle)

Upcoming events: Art of Plastic Workshop Series
Recap of ARTivity Events