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Creative LAB
Creativity is NOT an option. It is essential for all of us!

Creative LAB based on the "Art for all" concept that allows all HKUST members to make use of this live laboratory to be creative and set your mind free through different workshops and activities.  Some say creativity is the intelligence of having fun while some say the more you use it, the more you have it. Just add a little bit of everything to create your unique university journey and it could be anything you name it. Let's color your Uni-Life with lots of fun and creativity together! 



See what Creativity means to our students...

"Creativity is Exploration of the world around you!"

Erfan SHEKARRIZ - Science Enthusiast, LIFS Y3



"Creativity is going beyond the Obvious!"

Anushka PUROHIT - CEO of Breer, ECE Y3

"Creativity is Seeing things with a Different Mindset!"

Trinette WONG - Vlogger, GCS Y4

Set Your Mind Free and Be Creative in Your Own Way!

         Cindy CHAN - Plant Lover, EVMT Y4                           Erfan SHEKARRIZ - Science Enthusiast, LIFS Y3   Anushka PUROHIT - CEO of Breer, ECE Y3                          Trinette WONG - Vlogger, GCS Y4