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Want to become a Content Creator to help your HKUST peers stay connected? Now is your chance to join our Interactive Media team to spread positive vibes on campus with stunning visuals and content! We welcome any students who are excited to create compelling content on social media.  

Apply now by 3 Sep (Fri) and unlock your creative potential! 

Roles & Responsibilities 

You will work in teams to: 

  1. Create posts and videos for +VibEs Instagram during Fall semester of 2021/22 

  1. Learn basic social media management skills from content planning to content creation 

  1. Engage in the whole process of video production from research to editing 

Through workshops and practical projects, you will develop the confidence to creatively express yourself and become strong communicators on various platforms. 

How do I apply? 

The program is open to all students with or without prior experience in content creation.  

Apply online here   

Application deadline: 3 Sep 2021 (Fri) 12nn 


  1. Shortlisted students will be invited by email to a selection interview between 8 - 17 Sep. 

  1. Results will be announced by email on 24 Sep (Fri). 

Program Schedule 2021 


Event & Theme 

28 Sep (Tue) 


Briefing session 

Time: 6:30-7:45pm 

Venue: Room 1017A (Lift 3), Academic Building 

Oct – Nov 


Social media and practical skills workshops 

- Instagram Photography

- Camera and Lighting Techniques


Oct – Dec 


Plan and create content for +VibEs Instagram 


  • Allow students to learn content creation skills through practical tasks 

  • At least two teams of 3 students equipped with basic video production/editing and social media management skills by the end of the academic year 

  • Students feel more confident to creatively express themselves and capable of working as a team to help PosVibEs with social media and video projects 

  • Ability to apply content creation skills and knowledge in their future endeavors