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Love & Hugs
Love and Hugs are contagious!

Share it out and it will come back multiplied.

Looking after yourself is as important as to achieve all your goals during your university journey. Give yourself a big hug from time to time, relax yourself and embrace the mother nature, how about a little more hugs from our cuties fluffies? That will sure make your day and give you great support and unlimited motivation to pay it forward.

Continue the success of our Comfort Paws - Therapy Dog Program in the past two years, "Love & Hugs" aims to provide a broader-spectrum for students to connect not only with dogs but also the nature, people and even themselves. Throughout our activities and workshops, students will find their ways to build competencies such as understanding and caring others and to express their feelings.

Program Content

  • Comfort Paws (Human Animal Interaction)
    Human Animal Interaction could reduce stress level and raise the awareness of animal welfare.
  • Nature Connection 
    Connect with nature and embrace the power of it
  • Self Expression
    Expressing yourself and care others in different ways 

Let’s embrace the power from nature and share your unique experience with your friends.



Past Events
Comfort Paws - Dog Dog Station (May 2021)
Comfort Paws - Dog Dog Station (Apr 2021)
Animal Education Talk – Love Languages of you and your pets (Apr 2021)
Dog Dog Training (Apr 2021)
Self - Expression - Contemporary Dance Workshop (Mar 2021)
Message in a Bottle (Spring 2021)
Animal Education Talk - Human and animals : friends, enemies, or both?
Animal Education Talk - Get to know Therapy Dog
Message in a Bottle (Winter 2021)
Ugly Sweater Party (Dec)
Nature Connection - Hiking to High Junk Peak (Postponed)
Self - Expression - Contemporary Dance Workshop (Nov)
Comfort Paws - Animal Education Talk (Oct)
Self - Expression - Message in a Bottle 2020 (Sep - Dec)
For enquiry, please email us at posvibes@ust.hk