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Art & Culture
To promote and foster creativity on campus, Art & Culture offers a broad spectrum of experiential learning workshops and activities that provide an opportunity for students to explore their own creative abilities and express themselves artistically. At the end of the academic year, program participants will have the opportunities to showcase their artworks at the Creative Lab Exhibition.

Our Missions

  • Promote and foster creativity on campus
  • Provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, create & exhibit their artworks and creative innovations

Program Content 

  • Appreciation of art & music  
  • Organize art events, exhibitions & student-initiated projects
  • Platform for students' performance & showcase 
  • Meet artist professionals 
  • Visit to art galleries, exhibitions & attend music concerts  
  • Artistic hub for you to meet friends
USTeller Program
For Fall Semester 2021, the program will focus on telling the stories along the tramline via social media platforms. 
In this time, we hope that students can channel their creativity and learn how to plan, package and present stories in a compelling manner on social media. A whole day workshop on a Saturday in September will be conducted by popular IG Photographer and Video Creator to equip students' skills and Lecturers from HKUST will also help students to polish their story. Join this meaningful program to dig out more cultural stories of Hong Kong! 
Guest speakers:
Art of Visual Storytelling by Alan WONG (@alaninfinity)
Content Planning and Creation by J LOU (@jlouofficial) 

Program Timeline and your commitment: 



August 31st - September 6th  

Student Recruitment 

September 7th-10th 

Screening and Interview process  

September 14th evening 
Introductory Briefing from HKUST’s program   
September 25th  (Saturday All Day)

Location: Language Commons

10:00 - 12:00 J Lou’s workshop

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch

13:00 - 17:00 Alan’s workshop

Content Planning and Creation by J Lou  (Morning)   

   Instagram Influencer 

  • Understanding the social media trend and marketing

  • Use of basic video editing tools (with demonstration of iMovie) 

  • Video project planning 

 Art of Visual Storytelling by Mr. Alan Wong  (Afternoon)       

  Instagram photographer in Hong Kong 

  • Smartphone Photography Essentials: Take Pro Photos With Your Smartphone

September 27th- October 22th 

Students go out to find and record their stories along the tram line 

Students submit initial production (stories, photos and/or video) to the working group by October 22th

October 23th (Saturday afternoon)
Progress Check In Workshop with J Lou 
Working group share feedback with students based on their submission

October 25th - November 12th

HKUST Language Centre will work on editing stories with students 

November 18th   (Time TBC)
Final Reflection Workshop: 
Student final presentations and feedback (2 hours) 
Attend orange bolded workshops to get HLTH1010 hours! Total 8 hours will be given.


Past Events
Meet our Program Organizing Committees (2020 - 2021)!
Support Student-led Project: Precious Plastic to Art! Take action now!
[May 2021] Art Jamming Activity: Free flow of creativity and imagination!
[April 2021] Evening Music Jam (22/4/2021)
[April - May 2021] Online Music Jam Performers Wanted!
[March - June 2021] CamerART Campaign: Call for Artist & Photographers!
[April 2021] Mosaic Candle Holder Workshop (Get 2 HLTH 1010 WELLENRI hours)
[March 2021] Online Mandala Drawing Workshop
[February 2021] Artist Sharing (Chan Oi Ying): Chinese Calligraphy Workshop (Get 1 HLTH 1010 WELLENRI hour)
[February 2021] Online Music Jam
[December 2020] Christmas Music Jam
[November 2020] Mobile Digital Art Workshop!
[November 2020] Evening Music Jam (Online event!)
[November 2020] Artist & Alumni Sharing (Edwin Wan): Introduction to Musical Theatre Singing Workshop
[October 2020] Artist Sharing (Victor Tse): Introduction to Cinematic Career & Digital Art Jamming Workshop
[October 2020] Sustainable Fashion Design Workshop (get up to 8 HLTH1010 course hours)
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